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Nouveau record suisse catégorie E Copa

La nage avec palme
en suisse est en plein renouveau, le nombre des jeunes en compétition est en Inscrit nice augmentation, et le niveau progress largement. For evidence, records fall. After the girls SLRG Oberwallis is the turn of a swimmer Dolphins Geneva delete a record that was over 5 years. Eva Fincati, aged just 11 years has possession the Swiss record over the distance of 25 m apnea. Coming from a very athletic family, Eva swimming for over 2 years for the Dolphins Geneva. Multiple champion of Switzerland in its class (50, 100, 200, 400, and 800 m), his coach was waiting so she crosses a stage further. This was done Monday, December 10 at the pool in Meyrin Livron with a time of 12 seconds and 3 / 10. Congratulations to Eva, who will change category en 2008, et de shine here will try dès sa première année à face des plus âgées nageuses qu'elle. Nul doute également que les plus jeunes par tous les moyens de tenteront déposséder Eva de son record ...

Finswimming in Switzerland is in full renewal, the number of young people enrolled in the competition is on the increase and the overall level is booming. The record shows the carnage of the last month of 2007. After the girls SLRG Oberwallis, it was the turn of the Dauphins Genève athlete who has deleted a record that dated back more than five years. The eleven Eva Finch in fact won the record Swiss on the distance of 25m apnea. Raised in a family of sportsmen, Eva swims for over two years for the team in Geneva. Pluricampionessa national in its category (50, 100, 200, 400 and 800), has met the expectations of her coach, who was awaiting a further leap in quality. No sooner said than done: Monday, December 10 at the "Piscine du Livron" in Meyrin, with a time of 12 seconds and 3 / 10 has broken the record. Congratulations to Eva, who will change the category in 2008 and will try to shine even in the midst of the greatest athletes. Let no one doubt that the younger swimmers to her, likewise, do not attempt to wrest the record to Eva ...
Grégoire Leconte, Dauphins Genève

Who cares about swimming with flippers, like myself, can only be immensely happy when a young athlete, and no matter for companies that swim, breaking a record. It is a pleasure first to the athlete, which is repaid the sacrifices made in the tank during training, but also because with his performance shows that the sport has a future. For this I congratulate first of all with Eva, who has reached a milestone not easy, and well deserved, but also with all his opponents, without which its results would have an absolutely minimal thickness and that has certainly encouraged to train and improve. Many congratulations also go to his club, the Dauphins Geneva, and in particular coach Greg Leconte, who is "raising" and raising a young team very interesting. I conclude with renewed congratulations to Eve, hope to enjoy for many years of pleasure and teachings from sports, which may result from victories and records, especially the sharing of emotions and sacrifices of small and friendship with teammates and opponents that flows from it!
Chaque fois qu'un jeune

athlete was filled in a record, c'est un signal positif pour tout le movement of swimming with fins. For this reason I am very happy: for the same athlete, who has certainly made sacrifices to get there, but also because, by this provision he / she demonstrates that our sport has a future. I am therefore pleased with Eva, who has achieved something not obvious, although all-in-fact deserved, but with all his opponents, without which the results would have a minor and who certainly pushed to train and improve. My congratulations also go to his club, Dolphins Geneva and especially her coach Greg Leconte, who is about to raise a team Young very interesting. I conclude by reiterating my congratulations to Eva, wishing him a long time to take advantage of learning provided by the sport, which may derive victories and records, but also friendly relations which are created by sharing emotions and small sacrifices with teammates and opponents!

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