Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can U Treat Chest Infection With Flagyll

Elif Ugurlu

Elif last name is actually pronounced "u'urlu. Kurdish names are banned in Turkey: Before the way to the register office they must be t├╝rkisiert. This began under Ataturk, and was regarded then as now, for place names. As Elif was born in 1980, there were only Turkish names. "My grandfather's family name was Matur. For two years she lived with her grandparents, near the town of Maras. Then they moved to Switzerland, where there were already the parents. Solothurn. She attended Turkish courses on site. "My parents did that." You have the Irony of the matter is not realized at the time, from Kurdish to Turkish environment through classroom with a teacher who hung up before each lesson, the portrait of Ataturk, and struck the people with a lack of knowledge on the fingers. "I hated it."
family moved in 1989 from Solothurn to Fribourg. Elif looks into the sky and then says with a grin: ". Fribourgerdeutsch sounds pretty incredibly funny" For them, the difference between Solothurn and earth Utsch 'Seislerdiitsch' had always been huge. In the latter she had "always before" the feeling of speaking incorrectly. "But generally I'm not that friend of the German language." That might have to do with a subconscious image of the German-speaking Switzerland, the subtle racism they have experienced here far more often than in the Romandie. In the French language, she was much more at home. Higher education as a filmmaker has Elif completed in Geneva. She now lives in Lausanne. In addition to her work as a filmmaker it is since October 2009 Assistant at the Swiss Institute of Literature Biel. What do you like about the west of Switzerland in particular? "You exist there, first as a person and only secondarily as members of a nation."


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