Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Antoine: un patrimoine à preserver

ntoine Jaquenoud se definite comme tout d'abord du amateur patrimoine culturel et architectural. Pour lui, this includes first steamboats and everything that relates to churches, especially the organs. But Anthony is also:


undergraduates to Haute Ecole de Management de Genève


student in voice and music theory at the Conservatoire de Lausanne

- Member of the Association of Friends of Abbey Montheron.

What motivates him to participate in politics is less the prospect of becoming Federal Councillor (but as everyone knows, every good candidate for the Federal Council which meets denies cover such a position - as view its ambition is the best way to ruin his chances) or seek another position that to complete projects and advance regions that define identity - the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Romande. When dealing with politics, Antoine insists on the importance of working in mutual respect and meet deadlines and commitments defined in common. Before his current bachelor, Antoine studied theology Lutheran Protestant Waldensian for two years.

This training enabled him to acquire a good foundation in Hebrew and Greek. During these early studies, Anthony has a passion for bioethics and practical theology: the home of newborns, the catechism, marriage preparation and support for grieving families. These activities allow him to make contact with other people - which is fundamental for Antoine. The accompanying alcoholism also gave him the opportunity to feed on such contacts through Blue Cross and the founding of Olives, in Lausanne. This is also the passion for human contact that led Anthony to join the PDC - the party that best represents the families.

At the conservatory, Antoine studied singing and music theory. In this area, it does not have international careers. It evaluates its started too late on that voice to become a professional singer. However, he works hard to be able, later, directing a choir. So he naturally assumed the leadership of our vocal dialect during the academy. Anthony is also a creator, because he composed a musical work in the medieval style. He believes that the existing works are so well known that the faithful no longer feel joy to sing. Although Antony initially limit its political commitment to the west of Switzerland's horizons extend beyond the Röstigraben since also likes to explore text and music in German, Italian, Russian, English ... the list is not exhaustive. Anthony is 27 and he believes it is rare to find shareholders shipping companies among the people of his age. However, these actions are for him one way among others to commit to public transport: Antoine is a member of the ETA and circulatory adviser to the Federal Office of Transport.

Although he does not play the violin, we can say that Anthony has more strings to his bow.


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