Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Do Maine Deer Drop Their Antlers

Naoki - the Lin (g) formus from the land of the rising sun

I hereby introduce you to Naoki, or Peetaa, as he was called friendship during his semester abroad in Japan by his fellow students in the choir (in line with the typical Japanese politeness form and his Swiss origin and the associated connection to the goatherd Peter



Naoki grew up bilingual - Swiss German and Japanese, which he has perfected in many Saturday afternoons in the weekend school in Uster. He has since also a very close relationship varied Languages, motivation enough to attend this summer school or to explore a few other Swiss dialects. After a bachelor's degree in computer science from ETH Zurich in which he had devoted solely to programming, he decided now to deal with the versatility of natural language. He is now studying historical and comparative linguistics at the University of Bern and classical Sinology and Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich as a minor subject. His remarkable repertoire of languages now includes in addition to English, French, Portuguese and English, also Uzbek, Chinese, Greek and Latin.

music - another (communicative, linguistic and creative) form of expression - also plays a central role in Naokis life. In Japan he discovered his passion for karaoke, and so the night life mixed up in Tokyo with numerous interpretations of the Beatles, Muse to cartoon music. In this country, he toured in a duo diligently on several smaller music stages and can be varied as his vocal chords ring out, the guitar strings vibrate and E-bass, or shake the walls with his drums. Again, these are talents that he can bring to this week in the spontaneously formed Stiftl choir, which all of us with a beautiful Lied im lokalen erfreut Patois.


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