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Does Pewter Rings Make Your Fingers Green?

10 Questions - Interview with Dr. Karsten Milek

KiDS-COURSES - Interview with Dr. Karsten Milek
Submitted by Matt Widner, diabetes on 5 March 2011

In connection with the presentation at this year's Fine Star Awards, we have an interview with Dr. Karsten Milek out of second place in the Bayer Prize.

first Do you own the project proposed KiDS course or put someone else behind the application?
Proposals for Fine-Star came from all over the country, we have also proposed a number of people. We were then asked by the organizers to us to apply for the award.

second Can you summarize the history of the KiDS-course in four to five sentences?
were in the former East Germany before reunification mellitus there every summer a great summer camp for children and adolescents with diabetes. After the turn came, Dr. Regine Hildebrandt early 1992 in my former clinic and suggested that with her usual enthusiasm to revive this tradition. Only when care treatments, then called KiDS course, was this project in the summer of 1992 actually brought to life and celebrating this year its 20th anniversary. More than 1750 children and young people can now participate in the project.

third How did the idea of children and young people to offer a special holiday experience and at the same time make for everyday life as diabetics fit?
to train disabled child is in practice or in hospital always something different out there on the "wild". We, the children and young people directly in sport, during the disco or the more intense and personalized care, while providing a perfectly normal holiday experience - this idea drives us forward. Especially here also plays a role of great social experience, self-esteem of children is often stabilizes and facilitates the handling of their diabetes.

4th Are you from the house also sports doctor. Does one have the kids' price of as "hidden sports camps?
I am a sports doctor, diabetes specialist and nutrition expert - that is certainly the direction in our Kids-course that is prescribed. Of course, we are behaving a lot of sports - football, handball, beach volleyball, table tennis and even basketball are just some sports that we do here. Even couch potatoes can find after a few days of sport is that they are fun.

5th From our own experience we know that the preparation and organization of a major event a lot of time and Self-motivation. How do you take and make your team the power and the will to hold now for 20 years a notable experience for children and young people on their feet?
It is true particularly in the current preparatory phase you wonder sometimes, where to get the force. We get almost daily inquiries and applications (but unfortunately also rejections of individual health insurance) for the kids' course, which is a confirmation of an individual decision, without acknowledging any legal obligation. If we then the final party to celebrate with the kids, all the troubles and anger are all stripped off. One need then only in the eyes of the children to look back and gets very very much.

6th Could you briefly tell the most beautiful experience of the last 19 courses?
There are so many wonderful experiences each year so that I can and point out any really wants - we have visited bison, a Baltic trip made made some theme parks unsafe - but is actually always the last price of the most beautiful! In summer 2010 we took a trip, "In 14 days around the world," Vampire taken with the Indians smoked the peace pipe, celebrated the carnival in Brazil - which was great!

7th On the blog of the project ( ) can admittedly rather extensive experience diaries download the latest vintages and reminisce. Log are many former students once again to you, there are many repeat participants, or if the application flow so that newcomers are preferred?
Report Of course, many participants previouse rates again, but of course have newcomers privilege. However, all interested parties should sign up quickly because the dispute is often with the cash but can take some time. The registration form can be found on our website

8th Were You ever just about to say the kids' course or set your involvement?
Fortunately, we still found enough strength to us this is certainly not a simple task. There are always difficult moments, but luckily behind me is a very qualified, dedicated and highly motivated team - including my own family, even in places with the KiDS course and I grew up here is always supported.

9th What problems need to be addressed every year all over again?
The planning for the course next summer begins in the last days of the current course. Contracts with the object must be closed, ideas collected, found a motto, and volunteers and employees are acquired. Yes and then it goes off again immediately with notifications and applications to the health insurance - this is unfortunately the most difficult and time consuming part for us.

10th Did you know before our first meeting, the Association offers the diabetes center, which also includes the page diabetes?
course, we know the forum, from the beginning, we have also the site of link to our website

Thanks for your time and good luck in the next 20 years!

Milena Velba 2009 Foto

15 to 20 apricot

This mega great dress I got from romwe . I am more than love. aaand a bicycle chain (ie a bicycle chain with a turn, not a chain for the bike, D) which I find almost more fantastic. my left cheek is now really nice yellow, you see the pictures of him?

Dress, Jewelry: - cardigan: zara - bag: gerry weber - boots: vintage

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What Is Mea By Pedal Odema

chris sent me. thanks:)

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سلفرادو Ss2009

chelsea girls

via real and the videos then I'm always pretty sure. if anyone has a miracle cure, as my jaw again quickly subsides, I am very grateful!

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Congratulate Someone On His Or Her Birthday

how you hate other people.

If someone asked me would have been at a job interview for my weaknesses, I would not know what I should answer. The weakness may not be too large and fatal and this standard saying "I'm sometimes a bit overzealous perfectionist and" I find it so embarrassing that I can not let him pass my lips. Yesterday I remembered then what I would say probably to blame are several bloggers. And my mother. I have been always a man who could not see injustice implied, neither me nor for others. As my mouth starts to open automatically at some point all of this text and also haunts me since last night around the head and can not rest until I have it written down. Just yesterday I told my mother, elgend memories in black
from an incident at school. We had an aquarium in the class are, in a few guppies and black mollies spent their whole life. fished When my teacher, a man who was supposed to play an exemplary role, bored with his hand a guppy out of water in order to be closer look at him, jumped I am outraged at and rebuked him. For me, he could have instead a small, innocent, hold fish gasping for water as well be a child out of the window. spend the rest of the hour before the door, it was definitely worth it. And now something happens that reminds me of this incident. I never wanted to give this Haterblog much attention and so I do not link him. Even though I know this probably does not do much for you are probably not so stupid. But who knows nothing of the whole of history, can safely stop reading here. few days ago I started, I read the comments of this blog, I started with the first, and during the days I worked my way through to the last. The majority of these comments addressed specifically aimed at hurting the victims presented in the blog. It is about lack of style, poor appearance and generally about what that person thinks, how they can dare to do a blog, not the others like. How can you dare to do a blog that likes personally and not the other? And it is these comments are what really upset me.

self proclaimed 'expert mode' on Facebook commend the blog, which would show others how supposedly dangerous these bloggers are and how important this is Enlightenment. And it tickles me even more in the fingers, because what has happened is not personally well-intentioned advice is not concerned email to the concerned bloggers. It is an open to the public and help all the bashing it. The internet is quite willing to appear as a reason to be allowed to hate. 'So the Internet is simply, from the need to be able, if you look on the Internet shows'. Exactly, and that's what you see then as a reason to be as hurtful as you can? Just so you see that you touch a person can and feel better?

connects hatred. You do not have to like to hate together. And if you're in the group, then the victim is only one gasping for water, helpless little guppy and you yourself is incredibly powerful. It belongs to the group and one must suffer for it just, that's life and especially the Internet.

I seriously wonder, love commenting bloggers and people who feel addressed, it does really well to nourish the suffering of others? Young girls who may have beaten over the traces and bloggers that are simply not only because of their looks or style like insult to jointly and publicly? This really makes you feel better?
Did you really not even thought about how vulnerable you are?

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Avira Threatfire Free

you're not alone

another picture, this time from
Hanni. what's wrong at once? thank you! :) I've just eaten ice cream with nutella, best combo! the crocus bloom, the sun shines, just pretty cool. and who lives in Osnabrück or environment should, at times going into the cup & brunch cups, really great here! I just read with great incoherence, because I can think of nothing. so let ego rather be
shirt: h & m - Blazer, skirt: zara - belt, bracelet: topshop, shoes: goertz and a beautiful song I share more with you ok

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Swort Analysis For Salon

DIY - floral wreath

, ye would indeed love to know how to do it, and I promised to show it again. I say yes, it's really easy and fairly self-explanatory. First you need wire for the wreath itself. this is the best coated wire (which I took because I found him just in the workshop) or even better it will work probably with a paper-wire (also at amazon). You take two or more strands and turns them together.
if you want you can also install springs still with the little money available for a hobby shop or on amazon.
the artificial flowers and feathers, I then fastened with thin wire. I have also bought from a craft store for just over a euro. can be the flowers and springs of course, tie or even stick and I would rather do the latter only with the springs, because the flowers push it up easily.
and that you may be ready. I say yes get the point that each monkey;)
all can be done naturally with hairclips. Just the flowers to the tie clip.

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Herpes On The Bottom Of Nose

art perception

wow. julia has drawn from art perception after

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Online Free Pokemon Doujinshi

Day 1
Day 3
Day 4 bloom
it! I'm looking forward now total. You should absolutely get a pot plant bulb into the house. usually costs less than 2 € and it's like a little spring in your own four walls. the crocus here I've taken from ikea.

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Kamehasutra 2 Posteado

growing flowers in my hair

I wait anxiously for the spring and sun and warm temperatures and frühjahrsgeophyten that I first tinkered a floral wreath have. Today was just the perfect weather for a floral wreath! I came out because I recently 90210 (DO NOT LAUGH!) looked, namely, season 3, episode 14 and totally jealous of these wreaths was that had there. now I have one too, HA!
and soon hopefully show time for my crocus. at least they grow hard.

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How Does The Mixer Paddle Look Like


hallooooo I am by anika at mel and make blogtv

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Totaled Airliners For Sale

we go out in stormy weather

habs I totally repressed that I see in the new issue of American magazine

blouse, blazer: h & m - rock: zara - shoes: Zign and I have no idea of where the brooch is
live streaming IFB

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Circle Of Friends Candle Holder And Explination

do it this way, as you were an airplane

was nice today, finally sun! anti-weather absolute learning, but I think it is huge, how can so few rays of sunlight increase the mood. brigitte the contest is indeed as good as over. I got some votes but still not enough places for the first but is intended for the top 10 thank you! will also order you intended something when I have the coupon:).

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How To Convert Sd Memory Card To Memory Magicgate

Paul Mitchell - Super Skinny

eternity I wanted to do my opinion on the competence. and because this is a great reason to take a break from studying, I "have finally managed to shoot a video about it;). Overview of all products with photo you find here
. at 720, the video is the way, a little less Krissel

Where Does Weed Lead You


I've never been so much at once ordered on the Internet. That was also the last order I had expected. this time from topshop and I'm in love. find the parts that is really great. especially the cape-blouse hats my eye.